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Shipping Car Across Country

When it comes to shipping car across country ARM is the best in the business. We only use the best, most experienced drivers to transport car across country. We can ship your vehicle on an open trailer or enclosed! With long distance car transport, it is important to make sure whichever driver is hauling your vehicle meets all federal safety standards and has proper insurance.


When you are shipping a car across the US or you need to transport car from state to state here is what we offer:


  • Door to door auto transport - We can pick up and drop off at the destination of your choice.

  • Professional service –Drivers that handle cross country auto transport always communicate ETA’s.

  • Local Shipping – Sometimes you may need a car shipped a short distance. When ARM handles stat to state auto transport we can have your vehicle delivered in just a day or two!

  • Coast to coast auto transport – A trip of 2500+ miles will take 7-10 days, our drivers work very hard to deliver your vehicle ASAP.


We take car shipping very seriously and we understand how stressful it can be when you are moving / shipping your car. Each of our employees has over 7 years of logistics/ car shipping experience and the process we use to screen drivers is the most rigorous in the industry. We only use drivers with perfect safety ratings, no claims for damages and we verify insurance coverage on every single shipment. Your car will be taken care of from the moment our driver shows up to the moment we drop it off at its new home. Our customer service representatives will always be available to help you through the process.  Call us today for your interstate car transport or coast to coast car shipping needs!

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