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The Journey Home For Snowbirds

With winter finally coming to an end, snowbirds are preparing to move back up north to their homes. USL Cars Shipping can help with your long distance car transportation needs, due to their reliability and flexibility. USL Cars Shipping provides schedule flexibility, to make your state to state car transport as easy and efficient as possible. USL Cars Shipping is also the industry leader in service and satisfaction, and all vehicles shipped with them are fully insured, making them a trusted nationwide car carrier.


USL Cars Shipping has the fastest delivery times in the industry, sometimes even allowing your car to beat you home. Our speed will save you hundreds of dollars that may have to be spent on transportation costs if your car isn’t home on time. On average, an Uber is $2/mile and a rental car costs $200 for a week. With USL Cars Shipping providing dependable car transportation, you can ensure that your vehicle will arrive quickly and hassle-free.


USL Cars Shipping provides flexible scheduling due to their 24/7 customer service team dedicated to providing the highest level of customer satisfaction. Customer service is our foremost priority because we understand the importance of providing you with a reliable auto transportation company. While your car is in on the way to its destination, you can feel secure about your car’s safety because it is insured while it is in our hands.

USL Cars Shipping understands the stress and struggles involved with returning home after a winter in warmer weather. They are here to make the journey home the most efficient process possible with our flexible scheduling, 24/7 customer service, and reliable auto transportation. USL Cars Shipping wants to be the first to welcome you home by providing your state to state auto transportation needs.

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