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The 5 Pitfalls to Avoid When Shipping Your Car

1. Car Transport Cost – Watch out for auto generated quotes. They only consider previous data and don’t look at current or future market trends. This can lead to your vehicle sitting longer than expected at pickup.

2. Insurance – Some companies charge extra for insurance – stay away! Book with reputable companies like USL Cars that give you an “all-in” or fixed rate that includes full insurance coverage of your vehicle while in transit.

3. Licenses and Active Authority – When using a company like U-Ship, it’s best to check and verify the car hauler to ensure they have the proper licenses and active authority. If they don’t and something happens in transit, you will be unable to have any recourse. You can check out any authorized, reputable company here…

4. Guaranteed pickups

Don’t let your car sit at a random storage facility, while your car carrier looks for the cheapest option. This will only increase your chances of being damaged or even stolen. Remember that just because your car was picked up doesn’t mean it's in route. Watch out for shady companies that add a fuel surcharge to your quote, as most often it’s a signal of a hidden fees for other charges.

5. Damages – Make sure either you or someone you trust is at the pickup and delivery to do a thorough walk through with the car carrier. Any scratches, dings, or marks should be notated on all bills of lading. And never allow the car carrier to pick up or drop off the car when no one is there. You will sign away your rights to do a walk through and any damages will be dismissed.

For more information contact the industry experts USLCars and get a free instant car shipping quote today.

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