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Seasons Change, but USL Cars Shipping stays reliable

Updated: May 31

One of the most influential factors in determining a reliable car transport rate is the season and time of year your vehicle is being shipped. Although different seasons may fluctuate the price to ship your car, truck or SUV., each season has its advantages. This post will give you all the necessary information you will need to know when considering the timing of your vehicle shipment



The summertime for American auto transports is the peak season for shipping cars. There are many factors as to why it is beneficial to use Auto Relocation Management during June, July, and August. The first reason is the flexibility in shipping. Giving you a 2-3 day loading window allows for maximum convenience to setup your moving schedule. Companies tend to favor relocation over this time since many students are on summer break as well as it makes the move easier for families. Another benefit of ARM’s car delivery service over the summer months is having your car arrive timely and on schedule. ARM has the shortest delivery spreads in the industry, so additional costs like rental cars, Ubers, etc won’t affect your budget.


The months of September, October, and November are great times to ship your car, because the demand from the summer is way down. This gives you the chance for better rates and faster transit times. Waiting 2 weeks for your car from our competitors, while we could have delivered it in 5-7 days, can be frustrating. Let Auto Relocation Management take the hassle out of your car delivery service, while you spend time getting ready for the holidays with your family!


The winter is also a busy time for car shipments. Snowbirds tend to start getting cars delivered, spring training for baseball gets underway, and the orders begin to pile up. While many smaller car shipping companies shut down for the winter, ARM continues to be a dependable auto shipper throughout the entire year. With the increased demand of car shipments, and the worst weather conditions of the year, scheduling can be a headache when dealing with some companies. ARM’s flexible pickups, allowing for last minute changes, is one of the biggest reasons why Snowbirds continue to use our service season after season. Shipping as early in the season as possible is the most beneficial way to beat the rush.


Starting in April and May, demand begins to pick up significantly. Snowbirds start to make their way North as the weather starts to get nicer. The demand starts to pick up substantially where a lot of companies and people need their cars shipped for job relocation. Tax refunds help more people start to buy cars online and a lot of the business activity from smaller companies begins to pick back up. Whatever your timeframe and needs, Auto Relocation Management provides flexibility, transparent customer service, and the fastest delivery spreads in the industry. We can help ship

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