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Meet The Owners

Matt attended Miami University where he graduated in 2008 with a B.S. in Psychology with a secondary concentration in Business. He then started his professional career with a 300+ truck asset-based carrier in Indiana doing sales, dispatching, and customer service. After the birth of his son in 2011, Matt moved to Cincinnati, OH to be closer to him, and began working with a 3PL as their carrier sales manager. He poured everything he had into that position and his team to ensure growth within the company and so they could achieve the highest level of customer service. Because of his drive and ambition, he was quickly promoted to Operations Manager where he oversaw the company grow from $18M to $30M in just 2 years. In 2016 Matt decided to branch out and start his own company – USL Cars Shipping.

After graduating high school, Paden decided to skip college and head straight for the workforce where he found his passion - logistics. Unencumbered by crippling student loan debt, he was able to fully dive into the customer service and sales training provided to him. He quickly rose within the company in his first six months as one of the top sales people. His knack for finding and penetrating large accounts provided him with the necessary skills to tackle any obstacle and hurdle this industry has to offer. After five years of working as an account manager, Paden made up his mind to start and run his own company. Despite the ups and downs that come with starting and running your own business, his rock-steady approach to customer relations and providing a superior level of service helped him to grow his book of business and bring on new accounts.

Where USL Cars Began

Matt and Paden met in 2012 working at the same logistics and shipping firm. With their focus on high level customer service, the two rose through the ranks of the salesforce. Eventually Paden saw better opportunities elsewhere and decided to leave the company, while Matt continued to climb to the position of operations manager. Despite no longer working together the two remained close and always dreamt of making the jump to owning a shipping firm of their own. Just over two years ago the duo put their planning and ideas to action. With the strong platform of US Logistics, USL Cars was born.

USL Cars is a reliable auto transport company based in Cincinnati, Ohio that specializes in long distance car transport. Their fast delivery times and competitive rates, paired with the founders’ combined 20 years of logistics experience, make USL the premiere American auto logistics company. Matt and Paden are constantly looking for ways to innovate in their company. By reading and keeping the entirety of their staff up to date on the logistics industry trends USL Cars is able to stay a step ahead of their competition. Looking to the future the pair have big plans for their company. Their first goal is to maintain their high level of dependable service as they continue to grow their business. Looking further down the road, the two plan on making USL one of the largest American auto transport companies within the next five years.

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