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How Long Will It Take to Ship My Vehicle?

Are you planning on shipping your car with an auto transport company? One of your first questions is how long will it take to ship my vehicle? It’s an important first step to know your car shipping time, so you can make other arrangements that will plan around your move.

USLCars knows just what you're going through and will take care of everything for you, so your car shipping experience is hassle free. Another important factor in moving your vehicle is knowing the distance of how far you need to go between the two destinations. Car shipping carriers like USLCars can give you a time estimate, but your driver will have a more approximate time on how long it will take to ship your car. Aside from mechanical issues with your moving truck, possible weather delays are also a possibility, although rare.

Here is a car shipping guide to help you determine when your car will arrive.

0-500 miles: 1-2 days

501-1000 miles: 2-4 days

1001-1500 miles: 3-5 days

1501-2000 miles: 5-7 days

2001-2500 miles: 7-10 days

2501 + miles: 7-12 days.

When you are shipping your car, you should be aware that the time frame that you are given is only an estimate. The driver can tell you that it will take him three days to ship your vehicle, but it may be much longer if there are weather delays. The weather plays a major role in the auto transport industry. If there are storms along the way, they could cause major delays.

Please be aware that there is always a chance that there could be a mechanical issue with the truck that is transporting your vehicle. Just like with any other business, if there is a problem with the truck, that may delay the transit time even more. The best car shipping companies have new equipment, and mechanical issues are extremely rare.

While your vehicle is in transit, you can always call the vehicle shipping company in order to find out the exact location of your car. Car shipping companies will give you an estimated date of delivery and if there is a delay, they will call you and update you. Please keep in mind that weather delays and truck breakdowns do play a major role in the car shipping industry and that is why it is extremely difficult for a car shipping company to be able to guarantee you exact pick up and delivery dates.

Greg Elam - GetSpecific Website Marketing

Content Writer - USL Cars

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