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Fastest Delivery Times

Updated: May 31

You may have heard us claim to have the fastest delivery times in the American auto logistics industry. That’s because these claims are true! ARM is able to ship your vehicle to almost anywhere in the country within 5-7 days compared to our big corporate competitors who can take anywhere from 7-14 days. On top of that, our rates remain very competitive to our competition, thus making us the premiere car delivery service. The key to our success is putting our customers’ needs first. We get it, moving is stressful! That's why our goal is to help take that burden off of your shoulders by transporting your vehicle as quickly and safely as possible.

When working with one of our competitors, the process typically goes like this. Your car gets picked up early on in the week when it’s convenient for them. What these businesses won’t tell you is instead of taking your car straight to its destination, they deliver your vehicle to what’s known as a “Central Terminal” where your car could wait 5-7 days while the company waits for the cheapest driver to become available. Once the company finally negotiates on a price with the driver, your car is off to it’s new home, sometimes up to two weeks after you originally had it picked up. That’s two weeks of rental car fees, Ubers, and bumming rides from family and new co-workers! That’s up to two weeks of living on someone else’s schedule just so the “other guys” can find the cheapest option available.

The ARM automobile logistics experience is much different. Thanks to our flexible pickup windows, we can load your car around your schedule. Then once your vehicle is loaded, it’s on the way to its destination. No waiting in unsecured lots. No looking for cheap drivers. We just simply pick up your vehicle, and take it where it's supposed to go. Our method also involves fewer times loading and unloading of your car which overall leads to less damage claims. Not to mention we are here to talk you through every step of the process and answer any questions you might have while your car is in transit.

When it comes to customer service and reliable auto transport, ARM is a leader in the industry. Whether you're looking to ship your daily driver coast to coast for that new job opportunity, or you're heading back North for the summer, USL Cars shipping can help you have the hassle free experience you’ve been looking for. Click here for your free car shipping quote today.

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