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2 Helpful Tips – To Make Your Car Shipping Experience Trouble Free

Spring is in the air although better late than never for most of us across the country. Spring time is one of the busiest for car shipping companies like industry leader From graduations to snowbirds heading back north from warmer climates can make May a busy month, only second to the week between Christmas and New Year’s.

If you’re faced with moving your car then you realize it’s going to be easier for you to ship your car than drive it. With time usually being of the essence its important to work with a reputable car shipping company and to avoid the smaller fly by night brokers who are only looking to resell a service. Firms like can provide years of experience and a plan to assist you from start to finish.

Because we all know that things can still go wrong, so here are 2 areas of shipping your car to help make the whole process go as smooth as possible.

Scheduling Delays

The most common problem is scheduling delays. Car shipping carriers operate on public highways and are affected by weather and congestion, just like the rest of us. Also, drivers get sick or sometimes are called off the road for family emergencies. Things happen, so in other words if your car shows up a few days late, it may be an inconvenience, but it's not a disaster.

Also, don't expect your car to arrive in showroom condition. Unless you are willing to pay a premium price for an enclosed carrier, your car will be exposed to the elements while it's being transported. It may get dirty and may even pick up a few new chip marks from flying gravel or other road debris.

Small Brokers vs. Car Shipping Carriers

When looking for a car shipping company its vital to pick the right one with years of experience. There are smaller brokers online who have no experience and simply resell another service. has impeccable customer service and can assist you from start to finish.

The main problem with smaller brokers is that some make promises they can't keep, quoting unrealistically low prices and delivery times.

For more information visit one of the Nets leading car shipping companies and get a Free instant car shipping quote

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