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Shipping Your Car To College

Heading off to a new school is always an exciting time. Meeting new people, learning new things and making connections that last a life time. 

As always though, there is the little matter of physically getting there. Many families employ the help of moving companies to get students settled in. One often over looked is the option to ship a personal vehicle to school. 

Many parents feel un easy about their son/ daughter driving hundreds or even thousands of miles to school on their own. ARM offers families the relief of knowing their vehicle will be picked up at their home and delivered to the school and the student doesn't have to drive a single mile. 

Let ARM take the stress off of an already stressful time for your families life. With our extremely competitive rates, our 24/7 customer service and the fastest transit times in the industry, we can have your vehicle delivered anywhere in the country in 2-10 days. 

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