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Car Transport Cost 

Car transport cost can vary on a case by case basis when considering many factors.  Our pricing analysts take into account the route, time of year, weather conditions, and driver availability in your area to get you the right auto transport cost each and every time.  That is why we offer the Right Price Guarantee!  And that’s why you cannot always trust cheap car shipping rates and cheap car transport fees that were generated from a website.  They only look at previous data without factoring in current market trends.  If you’re on a budget and looking for affordable auto transportation, then you should consider open transport.  This is a great way to keep car shipping prices and car transport prices within your budget.  Open transport works for about 98% of all vehicle moves and is completely secure once loaded onto the trailer.  When going through our pricing calculator be sure to select the type of trailer that you are looking for and fits your budget.


We take car shipping very seriously and we understand how stressful it can be when you are moving / shipping your car. Each of our employees has over 7 years of logistics/ car shipping experience and the process we use to screen drivers is the most rigorous in the industry. We only use drivers with perfect safety ratings, no claims for damages and we verify insurance coverage on every single shipment. Your car will be taken care of from the moment our driver shows up to the moment we drop it off at its new home. Our customer service representatives will always be available to help you through the process.  


Contact us today for your enclosed auto transport quote and ARM will answer any questions you have about the process and what to expect when shipping your vehicle. When you are ready to book your car transport our agents will get you on the schedule ASAP!

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