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A Better Way To Ship 

Auto Relocation Management is committed to providing the best auto transport experience for you and your clients. We know what it takes to keep your shippers on track and on time throughout their move. Below are just a few of the things that put us ahead of our competitors, and how seriously we take the safety of our customers vehicles and their overall experience.


-       Long transit times and their hidden costs
  •    ARM has the fastest transit times in the industry. Shorter delivery spreads lead to customers saving               money by limiting rental car & Uber expenses.

  •    Rental cars can cost up to $75/ day. The faster a customer receives their vehicle, the less they have to spend out       of pocket on extra fees.


-       Upfront Cost Savings
  •    On average we save our moving company partners $250-$400 per move compared to our competitors.

  •    Our prices are all in, flat rate pricing. Fuel surcharge and insurance are included.

-       Customers love flexibility
  •    With limitless schedule flexibility, customers are more relaxed and less stressed about their vehicle shipping.

  •    Whether it’s a last-minute change in their schedule, customers being unavailable or unforeseen travel plans, we       can always accommodate their needs.

  •    We also offer guaranteed 1-day pickup as needed.


-       Availability matters
  •    Auto Relocation Management is a full-service transportation provider. Drivers don’t stop driving at 5pm which         means we don’t stop working either!

  •    We are available from 7am-11pm every day of the week, 365 days a year. Whether it’s after hours, weekends or         holidays, we are always available for our customers.


-       Quick response time
  •    With teams of salespeople and coordinators that have very specific roles, we can offer the highest level of                 customer satisfaction.

  •    Customer inquiries and rate requests are handled within 5-10 minutes.


-       Dedicated team and a single point of contact
  •    One point of contact is something not a lot of transportation companies offer. At ARM we value building         relationships and being able to get you the information you need as fast as possible.

  •    We assign coordinators and representatives specifically to accounts to monitor shipments from the minute the         order is tendered to us to when it delivers.


-       Shipment tracking
  •    Our tracking portal allows customers transparency and visibility into their auto shipment.

  •    They can see each status update as their vehicle heads to its destination.

  •    We perform in transit check calls on all our drivers. Customers can also ask us for updates via email and phone       as well.


-       Low claims equals higher customer satisfaction
  •    ARM has an extremely low claim rate by eliminating unnecessary risk.

  •    We have the most thorough carrier vetting process in the industry. On every single shipment moved with ARM, our carrier compliance team checks that we have each carrier's insurance on file. We also check DOT         safety ratings, driver records, FMCSA compliance, internal date on previous shipments as well as industry tools       to get an idea of how the carrier has worked with other companies. 

  •    Our in house legal and claim team manages claims from start to finish with our customers. 

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