Frequently asked questions

Is my vehicle insured during transit?

Yes, each motor carrier has a minimum of $100,000 insurance while your vehicle is in transit which covers all the vehicles on the trailer. We also offer an industry first Full Value Protection coverage for your shipment, which covers you in case of a total loss claim. Learn more here

How long will it take to transport my vehicle?

Each shipping lane is different when it comes to transit time but below you will find a basic guide for what to expect when it comes to your particular move. 0-500 miles: 1-2 days 501-1000 miles: 2-4 days 1001-1500 miles: 3-5 days 1501-2000 miles: 5-7 days 2001-2500 miles: 7-10 days 2501 + miles: 7-12 days.

Do you offer 1 day guaranteed pickup dates?

We do offer 1 day guaranteed pick up dates, however there are limitations to this service. Pricing depends on several factors including: seasonal supply and demand, flexibility of dates, car type, car condition, location, distance, and transport type (open or enclosed car transport). Additionally, rural locations often require the use of a local towing company to pick up and store your vehicle until there is an available car hauler moving along that route.

Do I have to be there in person to release or accept my vehicle?

No, often times people who can not be present for release or acdeptance of their vehicle leave the keys with a friend, family member, co worker..etc. If you will not be the point of contact during the shipping process, we will provide the driver with whomevers contact information you wish.

Who is actually transporting my vehicle?

We use a vast network of carriers to match your vehicle with drivers who have availability on the route you have planned. All of the carries we use are pre screened for safety ratings, up to date insurance and past performance reviews. We will NEVER use a driver or carrier who does not meet our strict safety standards.